Sylvia Bustamante Gubbins was born in Santiago, Chile, the second of seven children. Her father was a Peruvian diplomat and her mother was admired by her beauty and charm. She was raised in South American cities surrounded by the savauge beauty of the Andes mountains. All her memories come from the huge gardens, doing tents in the woods and hanging from any tree branches she could climb. She studied History, has a master in Written Journalism and a MFA in Creative Writing. She is the floral editor of The Luxonomist Spanish magazine.

It was during her years at New York University that she felt she needed to do something with her hands. She took a class of Floral Design at the New York Botanical Garden and never stopped since. She is a certified floral designer by the New York Flower School. Eager of knowledge, she travels to work and learn about different floral experiences.  And has taken workshops with Christian Tortu, Gregor Learsh, Francoise Weeks, Putnam & Putnam, Ariel Dearie, Katie Davis and Holly Chapple, among others. Sylvia is a Chapel Designer, an international collective of wedding and event floral designers.

Constantly experimenting with flowers and foliage, her goal is to take the beauty of each flower to the next level in order to create a new, colorful and textured reality through design.


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